Let's plan your tax efficient retirement together

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Let's plan your tax efficient retirement together

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14 листопад 2017 р. з 18:00 по 21:00
Desjardins Marche Central
1020 rue du marché central, Montreal, Quebec

The objective of the conference is to touch upon several key concepts to stimulate thinking about retirement planning amongst many audiences, mid-life, pre-retirement, retirement, etc.

The conference will be dedicated to the important financial planning topics such as
- income splitting,
- spousal RRSP,
- power of compounding,
- market returns as opposed to GIC returns,
- effect of inflation,
- time value of money,
- etc.).

Participants will be able to ask their questions about retirement planning for self-employed, investments, markets, tax planning, incorporation, dividends, systematic savings, progressive tax rates, personal/corporate taxes, etc.) Life and disability insurance specialist will be present to answer the questions as well.
We encourage you to participate.
Ukrainian snacks will be offered.
Conference if free to attend. RSVP to register and receive personal invitation 514 7275886.
https://www.facebook.com/events/1699226 ... null%22%7D

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